Project Detail

Customized Turnkey Solutions

Our business solutions are based on your expectation combined with our expertise. Firstly we develop concepts and design the project according to your ideas, projections and objectives. We determine the investment details and the schedule.

Secondly, we transform your investment concept into concrete results, in our high-tech manufacturing facilities. Afterwards, we realize turnkey installations, all over the world, with our teams.

We will keep being your solution partner and grow together. We will help you in your operation period so that you can always supply healthy, nutritious, continuous, standardized food.

Our crop production teams will give you all the necessary information and indications which will enable you to control your cultivation conditions and plant growth. On the other hand, vital needs of plants, plant responses and growth times will be precisely studied and monitored by you and Farminova.


  1. Concept Design
  2. Project Design
  3. Architectural Drawings
  4. Feasibility


  1. Hvac Systems
  2. Dimmable Leds
  3. Isolation Panels
  4. Shelves
  5. Robotic Systems
  6. Management & Control Systems


Turnkey installation all over the world

After Sales

  1. Professional Training
  2. On site operation consultancy
  3. After sales service
  4. Warranty
  5. Remote Control

Project Sample (with approximative values)

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20.000 Heads of Lettuce Daily

  • Consistent harvest of 20.000 Heads of Lettuce Daily all year round.
  • Floor surface of the production area: 5.645 m²
  • Total surface of the production area (with 8 layers): 45.160 m²
  • Total surface of facility: 36.000 m²