About us

We design the future of agriculture

As we are Farms with Innovations, we strive for a world that revolves around efficiency. We need sustainable changes to achieve our goals. We create the change efficiently, together.

We are a big team of entrepreneurs, engineers, and agriculturists composed of nature lovers, humanists, and innovators. Through our extensive experience in food production, storing, and processing practices, we have achieved an excellent job by contributing to the agricultural revolution, the future of humankind, and food security.

We are establishing facilities for indoor farming in controlled environments to provide sustainable, healthy, and eco-friendly products for you and our planet regardless of your location in the world. Our delicious products are consumed safely and are offered to the world with more favorable conditions than conventional agriculture could ever offer.


Can Hakan Karaca


Join the future of agriculture.

Kerem Bozkurt

Business Development Manager

You grow/harvest value every day.

Zafer Duru

Technical Consultant

You know exactly what is in the crops you have grown.

Mustafa Öz

Production Manager

Let your crops grow in the most suitable environment for them.

Haluk Sayın

Production Manager

We see the world through the eyes of our crops.

Kenan Akman

Mechatronic Engineer

Challenge traditional growing seasons.

Tolga Öztürk

Electronics Engineer

365 days of harvest.

Kamil Faruk Yel

Mechatronic Engineer

New generation health for new generations.

İrem Buse Doğan

Mechatronic Engineer

Let the city need to grow in the city.

Fırat Ataş

R&D Manager

Fully transparent production.

Nuri Özçelik

Electronics Engineer

Risk-free agriculture investment.

Burak Erkan

Computer Engineer

Redefine on-site harvesting.

Senem Işık Atasayar


Save the water, use much less land for farming.

Gülay Yetim

Computer Engineer

Full of innovative flavors.

Şebnem Engin

Agriculture Engineer

Produce using 95% less water.

İrem Akülkü

Genetic and Molecular Bioengineer

All nutritional values of the plants are in the right consistency, as they should be.

Ayşe Kara

Food Engineer

Your crops should not travel more than you.

Dilek Yılmaz

Agriculture Engineer

Enjoy the snow while farming.

Boran Aydın

Agriculture Engineer

Grow your plants, where you live.

Burak Özcan

Marketing Manager

Eliminate your kids' concerns about accessing food in the future.

Ali Fakıoğlu

Video Production

Grow any plant you want, whenever you want, in the amount you want.

Digital Marketing Specialist - Kadir ARIKAN

Kadir Arıkan

Digital Marketing Specialist

Ultra tasty, ultra delicious, while ultra healthy.

Çiğdem Çankaya

Graphic Designer

We ensure that you get the yield you get from a 10 decare greenhouse from a 1 decare plant factory.

Kadri Arabalı


By bringing production closer to consumption, you eliminate supply difficulties.

Tufan Gökkoca


Experience the confidence of harvesting the same quantity, same quality, same size, same freshness and same taste every day.