What do Plant Factories mean, for sustainable agriculture?
Can plant factories be a real solution for areas/countries where there is a strong need for healthy food or for regions/countries suffering from extreme climatic conditions?
Is it possible to grow all kinds of products with the same efficiency in plant factories? Or are we talking about the cultivation of certain selected crops for the sake of efficiency?
Could you give information about the cost dimension of the work? What is the average financial burden of an investor to establish a Plant Factory? How long does it take to get this back?
What kind of technologies are used in plant factories, how are suitable conditions are provided to the corps?
Plant factories are not yet well known in Turkey. But what is the situation globally? Are there different application examples in the world? Or how common is it?
Cantek has a plant factory in Turkey, but you also offer this turnkey service. How many completed or developing projects do you have that you are working on? Can you give information about their geographical locations?