Did you know that?

First large-scale harvest from Hydroponic systems dates back to World War II. It was recorded to be 8000 tones of fresh vegetables on the South Pacific Islands for the allied forces stationed there. 


Hydroponics is a method used in soilless cultivation, growing. Plants benefit from a nutrient containing minerals, such as, calcium, iron, boron, nitrogen, potassium, magnesium and zinc according to the needs of the plant growing. Therefore, instead of trying to absorb the minerals in the entire soil, plants can take nutrients directly from the nutrient solutions.

Essentials you need:

Nutrient, calcium, iron, boron, nitrogen, potassium, magnesium and zinc are some for the nutrients. Every plant’s need is different, every plant has its own growing recipes.

Fresh Water, preferably around 6-6.5 pH levels, we need to be gentle to our greens.

Lighting, with indoor farming technologies, we us dimmable LEDs for maximum efficiency.

Oxygen and Carbon Dioxide, not only oxygen around the leaves, but oxygens are also needed around the roots.

Why Hydroponics?

Hydroponic cultivation is easy for growing healthy plants and plants which are environmentally friendly.

Hydroponics have numerous benefits, including:

Plants grow 50% faster comparing to conventional agriculture, because the roots have easier access to nutrients and water.

It makes it possible to grow plants indoors all year round.

No pesticides are used.

With the use of LEDs in Hydroponic Systems, it is possible to grow your greens in indoor facilities located anywhere.

Less labor is required than in soil cultivation.

You have an increased control on the growing conditions have, making it easier to provide the best possible environment for the plants and result in better yields and agricultural returns.

Fast growing healthy plants grown with hydroponic methods are resistant to pests and diseases.

What kind of plants can I grow with hydroponic cultivation?

Almost everything, but some plants are very sensitive or need more space than others. Some of the vegetables we recommend growing in Hydroponic systems powered with LEDs are spinach, pea, strawberries, lettuces (different types), parsley, arugula, chard, green and red kale, basil, and sorrel.